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Marketing Strategy Results

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My name is Amy Mateyka and I develop breakthrough marketing strategies for web, social media, and video platforms. My focus has always been to create innovative experiences that inspire customers to engage, purchase, and advocate.

My new priority is to develop, mentor, train, and build up other creatives so that they too are set up for success. I also work to gain mutual trust and buy-ins from our stakeholders, partners, and vendors as they are an expansion of the team.

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Recent Strategies and Results

Pyrotek YouTube Channel Screenshot 2020


YouTube Channel

When I started working for Pyrotek in 2018 they didn’t have much of a YouTube presence. I made the following changes to our channel:

  • Created a more compelling header graphic
  • Created branded thumbnails for each public video as opposed to the YouTube generated thumbs.
  • I collaborated with our Copy Editor to write meaningful descriptions for each video to help with SEO and improve user engagement, as well as selecting the best keywords.
  • I created playlists for related video content to keep people on our channel.
  • Added a feature video for subscribed an unsubscribed users to learn more about Pyrotek.

Since these strategies were implemented, the amount of subscribers increased, percentage of views have gone up along with the watch time and average view per video.

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Homepage Strategy

The Pyrotek website, particularly the homepage was rarely updated ever since the new was built. March 2019, I was tasked with redesigning the homepage making it richer in imagery and creating a hierarchal structure to add more meaningful content. After the homepage was created, other subsequent pages on the site have been redesigned and re-organized improving the user experience. Since then, I’ve been leading a team to strategize ongoing homepage updates in order to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

As a result of these changes:

The quantity of new users have increased.
The bounce rate has decreased.
Users are staying on the site longer.
The amount of returning users have increased.


Pyrotek Original Homepage from 2018


Pyrotek Homepage Redesign 2020